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Ningbo TaiLai die market is a large professional platform which was established by Ningbo Tailai mould-steel Co., Ltd for the metal material and mould product sales in Ningbo area. It is a strategic investment project to consolidate platform and strengthen the solid foundation for the realization of the sustainable development of Ningbo Mould-Steel products.
 The market is located in the northern gate of Ningbo city, Daqing Road extensions - 666, Jiulong Avenue (the intersection of Rongji Road). It is adjacent to Houheng material market, Luotuo market of non-ferrous metals and Hailian logistics market. planning to cover a total area of 300 mu with a total construction area of about 20 million square meters and its total investment is about 5 billion Yuan. The total investment of the first-stage project is 1.8 billion Yuan, covering an area of 70 mu, with which the building area is more than 50,000 square meters. The project was fully operative in September 2009, and will be completed by the end of 2010.
TaiLai mould market aims to be a professional market that integrates branding, electronic information, and scale management. It is also a professional platform to realize the mould industry’s further development of market-oriented operation in Yangtze River Delta Area , speed up the intensive management of mould industry, upgrade the product and promote the overall mould-making in Ningbo. At the same time, this market will also take ningbo mold industry in the new historical conditions further boom assignment. 
The market will be a modern professional market integrated with manufacturing zone,material trading area, equipment and business area,research and development zone, technical training area and information service will fight for turning into one of the most influential professional die market In the East China, even the whole nation in five years.

The project has always been the attention and cared from the Zhenhai district government and Luotuo Streets since its inception, by which has created favorable conditions for the smooth commencement of the project. It also has received recognition and attention by the experts in mold and die industry organizations. Every step of the project development embodies passion and support of these leaders and experts. We will improve the plan of modernized development that based on construction distribution and electronic trading step by step, and go forward to the large scale, upgrade, influential and regional modern mold market goals. Now, at the first phrase, A business site attached to plant and office building has been completed and the related equipment is also turning into.
The market is located in Jiulong, 666 (with Rongji Road intersection), Luotuo Avenue South, Zhenhai District, only 8 km from the downtown and only 15 km away from Zhenhai. In this park, the facility is perfect, transportation is Convenient. What’s more, it backs to Ningbo and relies on Luotuo. Compared with the surrounding materials market in Ningbo, it has a unique geographical superiority, which is particularly conducive to the stability of talents in the enterprise, the safeguard of staff's life and facilities of transportation and logistics, while businesses assigned to can also enjoy the preferential policies. The mold Market is located in the center of the Luotuo Avenue, and there is a river winding through from north to south in it. The Planning and design highlights the concept of a complement with people-oriented, wealth creation and spiritual pleasure and fully demonstrates the operation of venues and people in harmony with nature, while divided into an office building with shops on both sides and die processing zone operation, mold and auxiliary sites ranged areas. The market can meet the needs of different users because it is equipped with four-10-ton-crane, four-16-ton-crane, two-32-ton-crane, two flattening and open-look assembly lines, which lines the leveling capacity of 1mm to 20mm, maximum width of 2.5m.